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Artist in Residence!

Since 1994 I’ve been a weaver, spinner, dyer and a rug-hooker since 2009. My inspirations are the sunsets over Cape John, Newfoundland, the hills of La Scie, the rocks, flowers and the ocean as well as the history of the French Shore and the outport communities in Newfoundland. I have a passion for colour and texture and love to share the exploration with others. Classes in weaving and spinning ongoing. Study sessions of 5 days, including accommodations and meals available. $105 per day, plus meals for weaving instruction and hands-on classes. See meal options under Cuisine tab.

In the ‘living room’ of the house you will find a floor loom, 2 inkle looms, along with 2 spinning wheels. It is my pleasure to demonstrate the fine arts of weaving and spinning, so there are projects for that on the go, as well. Demonstrations in the afternoons and into the evenings.

Located adjacent to the living room you will find the Fair Haven Fibers gallery of baby wraps, shawls, scarves, mats, shopping bags, rugs, hats and more, offered for sale. See photo gallery for current projects and items available. Payment by MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, cash and e-payments.

  • some lovely llama/alpaca scarves freshly woven - sold
  • Hooked mat commemorating the 'Resettlement' of the Horse Islands, off La Scie.- $2700
  • Log Cabin rug - woven in natural and mercerised cotton - $350
  • Log cabin rug - sold
  • Process of weaving: beginning to sley the reed
  • - warp chain adorns the loom
  • - mohair warp
  • - shuttle's eye view of the weaving
  • - 4 mohair shawls - sold
  • - hand towels in 100% cotton - Bumberet weave from 1792  - sold
  • - baby blankets in 100% cotton - sold
  • Cotton tea towels on the loom. False damask, Holland, 1931. $65 each
  • Finished tea towels
  • Silk scarves - $275
  • Silk scarves
  • Silk and merino scarves on the loom - $225
  • Silk and merino scarves finished.
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