Thank you for your support during the past 10 years. Fair Haven Retreat is now FOR SALE. Many guests have expressed an interest in purchasing this property, so if you are one of them please follow the link and contact the realtor, Brian Whitehorne. His contact info is on the link.

Visit Iceberg Alley

Come and be inspired by the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean, the rocky outcrops in so many colours, the azure waters of the beaches, the stunning vistas from the lookouts on the French Shore, our occasional iceberg floating on by and the whales in the summer months. Great bird watching, too! Sunrises over the hills surrounding La Scie are breathtaking and the sunsets from the lookouts, an easy 5 minute walk from the house will surely give you wonderful memories and a desire to return for the 5 well-maintained walking trails and snowmobile trails affording different viewpoints of the coastline and harbour. A joy to discover!

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